Discover “Cold Brew with Jessica” and Share the Taste of Summer all Season Long!

One discount code for two amazing deals


A Cold Brew Summer

Summer is in full swing! The grills are sizzling, swimmers and boaters have returned to the water, people are hiking in the mountains, and the rooftop pool parties are POPPING.

How can you add to your summer plans? Use one discount code for two amazing deals: 12 cups of delicious Cold Brew coffee for only 20 bucks AND $10 off any Cold Brew purchased in any cafe.

Cold Brew on Tap in a sunny park

How do I activate this discount?

"Cold Brew with Jessica," of course!

What is Cold Brew with Jessica?

Compass Coffee's very own Jessica is spending most of the summer touring the DMV area, giving away free Cold Brew samples, with or without delicious vanilla creamer – Mmmmm!

Jessica sharing Cold Brew with customers


How do I enjoy a Cold Brew with Jessica?

Jessica's location will be shared via Twitter each morning she is in the field. Her location will continue to update as she moves around the area, also shared via Twitter. Alternatively, you might stumble upon her by luck.

tweet about Jessica


A free sample and A discount code?

Yes, you read correctly. While enjoying your refreshing sample on a hot summer day and having a great conversation with Jessica, scan her accompanying QR code to receive a discount worth $10 in any cafe AND $20 off a Cold Brew on Tap box, which is equal to 12 cups for 20 bucks!

Share your experience with friends and followers on social media, so others can find Jessica and enjoy Cold Brew too!

Dog looking at Cold Brew

What is Cold Brew on Tap?

Cold Brew on Tap is a scrumptious, ultra-smooth cold brew in a box! The package is cooler, fridge, backpack, large purse, and bike basket-friendly. Say, 'bye-bye' to bland, watered-down iced coffee, and 'helloooooo' to this taste bud-tingling delight.

The special FridgePack technology keeps your cold brew fresh for up to 30 days and holds 12 cups of coffee. It's just made for sharing.

Cold Brew on Tap Box

The best way to enjoy Cold Brew on Tap?

Enjoy Cold Brew on Tap straight up, with a splash of water, over ice, or get wild and add a splash of your favorite flavors.

Why is Compass Coffee doing this?

Cold Brew on Tap is our latest summer product, and what better way to allow people to taste our refreshing summer drink than by sharing samples? Additionally, Jessica is taking it on-the-go to demonstrate just how easy and travel-friendly our Cold Brew on Tap is. Finally, it's just delicious, so why not share it with our local community?

How long will Cold Brew with Jessica run?

Jessica will be serving the DMV area with free samples all summer long!

She'll also be appearing at other special and hidden events throughout the summer to share our delicious Cold Brew on Tap with as many people as possible – keep your eyes peeled.

We can't wait for you to enjoy Cold Brew with Jessica!

Cold Brew in city streets



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