Miriam's Kitchen

$ 8.05

Note: We deliver this coffee directly to Miriam's Kitchen. You'll get a confirmation e-mail from us saying that we're shipping this to you, but we're not. Please ignore that e-mail. Thanks! 

Miriam’s Kitchen is committed to ending chronic homelessness in D.C. by establishing meaningful relationships with chronically homeless individuals, connecting them with permanent supportive housing, and ensuring they have the necessary support to remain in housing. The staff at Miriam's kitchen serves breakfast and dinner five days a week to those in need. Their meals are made with fresh, healthy ingredients. The restaurant-quality food they serve shows guests that they truly care. And that helps build the trust that is critical for their work. 

Compass Coffee got involved when Miriam's Kitchen started running low on coffee and put out a call in the D.C. community. We saw an opportunity to ensure that when guests come to Miriam’s Kitchen, they don’t just enjoy an excellent meal and first-rate social services, but they can also enjoy a cup of coffee of the same quality.

So we decided to help in a way that made sense: give our customers the ability to buy Compass Coffee for Miriam’s Kitchen’s guests.

Here's how it works:

  1. Choose how much you want to donate 
  2. We'll total up all the amounts each week
  3. We'll deliver freshly-roasted coffee to Miriam's kitchen

It's a real contribution that makes an immediate, meaningful, impact you can feel good about.

1535 7th St. NW Washington, DC / Map

7am - 8pm daily

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