Roasting the best beans at the right temperature for great flavor.

Each of Compass Coffee's blends is a mixture of beans grown all over the world. The beans are peak roasted for maximum ideal flavor and combined with beans from the same growing zone to reinforce the consistency of the coffee's great, unique character.

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Great espresso is like a diamond. 

Filled with romance and made under intense pressure, it is prepared by experts who take great pains to highlight its unique natural characteristics.  Our Emblem Espresso is a classic espresso blend in this tradition. It boasts big, clear accessible flavors and an aroma that is the pure essence of coffee. Drink it straight or with any kind of milk, it doesn't matter, just as long as you enjoy it!

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Single Origins

Some places grow coffee so distinct, they stand on their own.

We work with some of the world's best coffee buyers to import the most uniquely flavorful beans the earth can produce. From places as varied as Guatemala, Ethiopia, Indonesia, and Kona, these single origin coffees don't just come from the same region, often they come from the same part of the same farm. This ensures the characteristics that make the area's coffee unique are properly highlighted in the cup you end up drinking.

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We looked high and low for someone who could reliably offer high quality tea at a great value. When we couldn't find anyone, we decided to do it ourselves. Our crisp, flavorful teas present modern classics you will be sure to love.

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Great coffee requires great tools. Check out these best-in-class options for use at home. These are the things we use ourselves, so you know they're reliable. High happiness value!

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