Frenquently Asked Questions

Mobile Ordering

Can I use my reward points to buy my drink?
You can! On the app, click the "rewards" tab and you will then be able to select the drink you want to use your rewards for! Keep in mind, rewards only work for medium sized drinks.
Can I make special requests for the drinks that I order with the app?
Yes! Just type in your request in the "special request" box before your add your drink to your cart.
How do I change my default card that I use to reload my balance to a new card?
You can change your default card from the "Balance" tab, where you'll be able to choose different payment methods. The default payment method will be the card used when you reload your balance.
Can I withdraw from my existing balance or cancel a reload?
Unfortunately you can't withdraw or cancel a reload. Once an amount is reloaded, it is kept in your app account until you use it at one of our cafes.
Will my balance ever expire?
Nope! Your balance never expires, but keep in mind, promotional credits might. So keep an eye out if you receive any promotional credits so that you don't let those expire!
Can I schedule my order for the next day?
Yes! On the "your order" screen, select "change" next to Prepare now, and then select the day and time you want to pick up your order!
Can I use my balance for online purchases?
You can only use your mobile app balance for cafe ordering at this time.
How do I change the location I want to pickup my order from?
You can change your location on the home or menu page. You will see the location selected under your name. Just click the current location, and then you'll be able to change your location based on all cafes, locations your closest to, who is open, and your personal favorites!
How do I update my phone number or email?
You can update all of your personal information under the "account" tab on the app.
Can I delete my account?
We are sorry to see you go! You can delete your account under the "account" tab on the app.

Your Subscription

Why should I sign up for a subscription?
Subscription users save 10% on every order and you never have to worry about running out of your favorite coffee again. You can update your order frequency, pause, or cancel at anytime! Having your morning coffee shipped right to your doorstep is truly one of the greatest feelings in the world, don't miss out.
How do I update my subscription?
To update your subscription, login to your account and select manage subscriptions on the left hand side. From here you will be able to update your subscription!
How do I update my payment method?
First, login to your account. Then find manage subscriptions on the left hand side of the screen. From there, you will be able to send an email to yourself to update your payment method!
How do I update my shipping address?
You can update your shipping address from your account. We typically ship orders within 1-2 days of the order being placed, so make sure to update your address before your next order ships!
How do I delay or cancel my subscription?
Have too much coffee? We get it. You can always delay your next order for as long as you'd like! Whenever you are ready to start receiving coffee again, you can restart your subscription with no problem. If you want to delay, or cancel, your subscription go to your account and click manage my subscriptions on the left hand side of the screen. From there, you will be able to delay or cancel your subscription.
Where is my order?
You should have received an email with your order details. If you have lost that email, or your order is past the expected arrival time, email with your order number and what went wrong. Someone from our e-commerce team will then reach out!
Why am I being charged a shipping costs?
All orders over $35 receive free shipping! If you are looking to update your order to receive free shipping, we recommend signing up for a 2lb bag or 5lb bag subcription. You'll get free shipping and never worry about running out of coffee again!
I received my coffee damaged.
We always want to send quality product to you, and receiving a damaged order is unnacceptable. Let us make it right! Please send an email to with a brief description of what happened and photos of the items. Someone from our e-commerce team will then reach out!

Our Coffee

Can you recommend a coffee?
We have coffees from all around the world and something for everyone! To learn more about the coffee that may best fit your needs, check out our coffee quiz.
How fresh is your coffee?
We package our beans shortly after roasting. In the ~3 days following roasting, the beans off-gas a small amount of CO2. In the sealed environment of the tin or bag, the CO2 displaces all of the oxygen and creates an anaerobic environment that keeps the beans from oxidizing. If left unopened in their package, your beans will stay fresh for up to 6 months!
What sizes do you sell your coffee?
We sell coffee in 12oz tins, 2lb bags, and 5lb bags. You can purchase most blends in our cafes, and all blends and sizes on our website!
Can I buy coffee pre-ground?
If you are shopping in any of our cafes, our team can grind any tin or bag for you. For online shopping, you we offer a few blends in Universal Ground, which can be used for most brewing methods!
Do you sell K-cups and Nespresso pods?
Yes! You can purchase K-cups and Nespresso capsules on our website, and Nespresso capsules are also available in our cafes!
What is your decafinated process?
We mostly use methylene chloride decaffeinated beans. It creates a better flavored decaf bean and is more environmentally sustainable than the traditional water method!
Is your coffee organic?
When it comes to coffee, there are lots of possible certifications, each with its own goals and priorities. Over time, we've decided to take a holistic approach, with our number one priority being long-term quality. Our goal is to source coffee that is sustainably grown, ethically harvested, and fairly traded, and to that end, we work with a variety of reputable importers (and sometimes even directly with the farmers themselves!). As a result, we tend to focus less on which certifications each of our coffees may have, and more on the details of where it's coming from as well as who's getting it to us. We've also made the choice to skip the labels and certifications on our packaging. We prefer to focus on how great it tastes!
Is your coffee Fair Trade Certified?
Some of our coffees are Certified Organic, others are not, and still others would qualify as organic but haven’t pursued the certification. Regarding Fair Trade, we choose our coffees based on quality, but we only work with importers who have earned a reputation for transparency and ethical business, and we often visit the places of origin to see the conditions on the farms and in the communities.

Our Cafes

What are your hours?
You can find all of our cafe hours here on our website. See you soon!
How can I sign up for rewards?
You will earn two Waypoints for every $1 spent when you sign up for Compass rewards. Sign up here or in any of our cafes to start earning free drinks, coffee and more!
Do you serve breakfast sandwiches?
We just launched hot and fresh breakfast sandwiches at select cafes! You can find them at the following locations: 4850 Massachusetts Ave. NW 4710 Langston Blvd 10400 Fairfax Blvd 1201 Half St SE 4100 Wilson Blvd 1201 Wilson Blvd1351 Wisconsin Ave NW435 11th St. NW
Do you serve food?
Our cafés offer a variety of delicious pastries like croissants, muffins, pound cakes, and other sweet treats. We also offer grab-and-go snacks from local food accelerator, Union Kitchen.
How can I purchase a gift card?
You can purchase a gift card in any of our cafes, or purchase an e-gift card here. Gift cards can be used at any of our cafes and never expired!
What kind of payments do you accept?
We accept any major debit or credit cards, Apple Pay, or exact change as a payment option. If none of those options are the best suited for you, we can always add cash onto a Compass Coffee gift card to use as payment. Your change will remain on the gift card and can be used at any Compass Coffee location.
How can I get my receipt?
If you need to request a receipt, please email with the time, date, and location of your visit, as well as the last four of your credit card number. Someone from the cafe team will reach out to confirm they have sent you your receipt!
How can I get a refund?
To receive a refund from an in-cafe purchase, please email with the time, date, and cafe location of your purchase, as well as the last four digits of your credit card number. Someone from the cafe team will reach out to confirm your refund has been processed!
Can I refill my tin or recycle it?
You can refill your empty tin in any of our cafes with any beans currently served behind bar. You also get $1 off when you refill your tin! If you have enough coffee, then you can always recycle the tin or use it for plants!
I lost something in the cafe!
For any lost items please email with the following information: A description of the lost item, location of the cafe you visited, day and approximate time of your visit. Someone from the cafe team will reach out with an update on your lost item!
Can I reserve a table for my party?
Most of our cafes are equipped with seating for groups of many sizes. At this time, our tables are a first come first serve, so we recommend getting to the cafe early to grab a table! If you have a special event coming up, email to connect with our events team!

Media Inquiries

Can I film in one of your cafes?
Our cafes are special to us and we try to limit anything that would distract from the cafe atmosphere. However, if you are still interested in filming in one of our cafes, email and someone from our marketing team will reach out.
How can I set up an interview with someone at Compass?
For any interview requests, email with details of the interview and then someone will reach out to you!
Can I write for your blog?
We are always interested in talking with contributing bloggers! Email with details about you, writing samples, and blog pitches and someone from our media team will reach out! In the mean time, check out the Daily Grind!

Our Website

I can't login to my account.
Double check that your email and password are correct. If you are having trouble with just your password, you can select 'Forgot Password' to reset it. If everything looks right to you, and you are still unable to login, email with details about what you are experiencing and someone from our e-commerce team will reach out!
Where are my reward points?
We recently removed our online rewards program to better focus on our subscription service! Subscription users save 10% on every order, plus you'll never worry about running out of coffee again!
My discount code is not working.
First, check to make sure the items in your cart qualify for the discount, that you are meeting the price threshhold, and that you do not have more than one discount code applied. If you still have questions about your discount code, email Someone from our e-commerce team will then reach out to help!
Why are prices different on your website and in cafes?
Online prices often account for shipping costs already, unlike cafe purchases. Most items are sold online and in cafes.

Everything else

What is Compass' story?
So glad you asked! You can learn all about the story of Compass, or better yet, the story of coffee, here on our website!
Are you hiring?
We are always looking for awesome people who love coffee! To apply, visit our careers page on our website.
How can I serve your coffee in my restaurant?
We are always looking for new restaurants to partner with and would love to discuss more! Email with details about what you are looking for, and someone from our channel development team will reach out.
I am a current wholesale customer and I have questions about my order and/or equipment.
Email any questions regarding your current order or equipment to and our channel development team will reach out.
Do you host events?
We love hosting events! Email with details about what you are looking for and someone from our events team will reach out!
Will you donate coffee to my organization?
We love sharing our coffee wtih people! Email your request to wtih specific details and someone from our events team will reach out.
Do you cater?
To learn more about our catering options, email with details about what you are looking for. Someone from our events team will then reach out!
I have a great idea for a potential location!
We are always looking for new and awesome locations and appreciate you thinking of us. If you have a stellar idea, send over your proposal to We look forward to hearing from you!
Do you sell your syrups?
Our syrups are one of a kind, house-made, and are only available in cafe drinks at this time.
Are your products Kosher?
Our coffee and tea is certified K-Star Kosher and the spices and sweetners used to make our Simple Syrups are certified OK Kosher.
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