Compass Coffee delivers bold flavors with its French Roast Blend

The darkest roast of them all has arrived

Compass Coffee delivers bold flavors with its French Roast Blend

Washington, DC – July 12th, 2019 – Compass Coffee is thrilled to bring the darkest roast they have ever created to their customers. The French Roast blend is a homage to traditional French-style coffee, and for the customers who like their coffee bold and full of flavor. 

"Our French Roast offers an experience for those who appreciate a robust coffee profile, with tasting notes that are rich, smoky, and intense. Despite its bold character, the blend is full-bodied and robust but never bitter, an equilibrium of flavors that is carefully curated through our peak-roasting process at the highest temperatures," says Chas Newman, head of roasting and production. 

Compass says their French Roast embodies their continual commitment to creating diverse and bold coffee experiences. "We want to create blends for every type of coffee drinker," says Michael Half, Founder and CEO of compass Coffee. "We've made sure this blend delivers a memorable coffee experience that is robust but never bitter, a testament to the skill of our roasting team." 

You can purchase French Roast in 12oz tins and 5lb bags, which offer a great value for those who prefer buying in bulk. 

The French Roast blend is now available across all Compass Coffee cafes and online at


About Compass Coffee:
Compass Coffee was founded in 2014 by two former Marines who, after years of drinking subpar coffee on deployment, became obsessed with the quest for the perfect cup. Now with 12 cafes across DC, Compass Coffee serves Real Good Coffee to a growing community of coffee lovers. To learn more, visit or engage with us on social media at @compasscoffeedc.

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