Compass Coffee Introduces New Refreshing Menu Item: Breezes

A refreshing addition to their newly launched Summer Menu

Compass Coffee Introduces New Refreshing Menu Item: Breezes

 Washington, D.C. - May 19th, 2023 -  Answering customer demand for a cool and refreshing afternoon summer beverage, Compass Coffee is excited to announce the launch of its newest drink line up: Breezes. 

Creating the Breeze was a labor of love and dedication that began a journey of experimentation, with the goal to create a beverage that customers could enjoy at all times of day, and that was as good as the coffee. Spearheaded by a team of dedicated people, Compass dived deep into the alchemy of ingredients. With a lot of testing of various fruit purees, unique tea blends, and fruit flavors, they've successfully crafted a beverage that provides a burst of refreshment and flavor. You can now indulge in three exciting summer flavors: Mandarin Cardamom, Strawberry Dragonfruit, and Peach Mango.

Each Breeze is a handcrafted blend of fresh fruit and tropical green tea, designed to offer a light caffeine boost for sunny afternoons. "Our Breezes are not just beverages; they're an experience. When you take a sip, you'll find yourself in a tropical oasis. We invite everyone to make Breezes their go-to refreshment this summer," said Michael Haft, Founder and CEO of Compass Coffee.

Rooted in community feedback, the Breeze line embodies Compass' ongoing mission of Real Good Coffee and innovative beverages. "The Breeze is a drink that truly captures the essence of summer. It's a refreshing way for our customers to engage with us," said Chas Newman, Product Development and Operations Manager.

Breezes are now available at all Compass Coffee locations. They really are the best way to stay cool this Summer. 


 About Compass Coffee:
Compass Coffee was founded in 2014 by two Marines with a vision of creating 'Real Good Coffee' – an aspiration that is more than just an outstanding cup of coffee; it's a commitment to ethical sourcing, skillful blending, and peak roasting. With 16 locations, Compass Coffee's goal is to provide experiences beyond a cup of coffee, crafting rituals that bring people together and enrich daily life. For more information, visit and follow us @compasscoffeedc on social media.


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