Strength in Service: Compass Coffee at the White House Military Kids Workout

Brewing Support for Military Families, One Cup at a Time

Strength in Service: Compass Coffee at the White House Military Kids Workout

This past weekend, Compass Coffee was privileged to serve as the exclusive coffee provider at First Lady Jill Biden’s Military Kids Workout on the White House South Lawn – the workout session featured everything from jumping jacks to sit-ups to push-ups. Our team had the honor of serving Real Good Coffee to some of the nation’s most resilient families, give them boxes of our fan-favorite Cold Brew on Tap, and get to know the faces behind those who support our country's service members every day.

Compass coffee serving cold brew on the White House South Lawn
Military families drink cold brew coffee on the White House South Lawn

The Military Kids Workout event shines a spotlight on the incredible sacrifices made by the children, caregivers, and families of military families when their loved ones choose to serve our country. It was a profound experience to share our coffee with these families and to hear their inspiring stories.

Military families drink coffee on the White House South Lawn

As a veteran-owned business, Compass Coffee has a special connection to military communities. It was an honor for us to serve coffee to those who selflessly serve our nation. Our Founder and CEO, Marine Corps veteran Michael Haft, and his wife Sophia, a Navy Reserve member, attended this memorable gathering with their daughter Sloane. It was Sloane's first Compass Coffee event, and the family was thrilled to blend their love for coffee with fitness. Together, they were among the many honored at this national celebration.

Jill Biden Military Kids Workout with Compass Coffee
Compass Coffee team works out at the White House with cold brew coffee

Michael's coffee journey began when he was in service, finding comfort and connection over a fresh brew amidst the challenges of duty. Today, he channels that passion into Compass Coffee, focusing on giving back to veterans, those currently serving, and promoting veteran entrepreneurship. This involves active engagement in programs such as the Dog Tag Bakery and providing mentorship to SBA veterans.

Military families have Compass Coffee and Dog Tag Bakery on the White House South Lawn
Michael Haft Compass Coffee works out with military families on the White House South Lawn

At Compass, we understand the significance of participating in events like the Military Kids Workout. Real Good Coffee is about more than what’s in the cup—it’s about community, connection, and shared experiences. Being the bridge that brings people together over a love for coffee is a role we cherish, fueling our mission and enriching our community ties.

Military families and kids enjoy compass coffee on the White House South Lawn

We are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to serve those who serve our nation. Every cup of coffee we served at the event was just a small token of our appreciation for the immense sacrifices made by military families.


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