Your Complete Guide to Spending the Day in Georgetown

Our top 5 picks of things to do in Georgetown DC

Your Complete Guide to Spending the Day in Georgetown

You find yourself at our Compass Coffee cafe in Georgetown – you grab your favorite cup of coffee (maybe an iced lavender latte, perhaps?) and get ready to go.

But, wait… go where?

Here are are top recommendations of fun things to do in Georgetown that’s not too far from our Wisconsin Avenue cafe!

Wisconsin Ave shopping in Georgetown DC

Shopping on Wisconsin Ave:

Did you know that Georgetown has some of the best shopping in the DMV? Did you know that shopping is cardio, and coffee fuels cardio? If you find yourself at our Wisconsin Avenue location, you have found yourself in the middle of Georgetown’s shopping mecca. You could spend a whole day, and possibly a whole paychecks worth, shopping along Wisconsin avenue and M street.


Visit Georgetown University:

Georgetown University, the nation’s oldest Jesuit university, is about a 10 minute stroll from our Wisconsin Avenue cafe. GU campus is filled with beautiful historic architecture dating all the way back to the late 1700s. Need a pick me up? Head to the campus bookstore and upstairs you will find our famous drip coffee that fuels GU students all fall and spring semester.

Drinking nitro cold brew in Georgetown DC

Georgetown Waterfront:

If you head directly south off Wisconsin Avenue you’ll find yourself somewhere along the Georgetown Waterfront. Several events are hosted here all year round, some including access to boat tours that view some of DC’s national monuments. Soak in the views during a stroll on the guided path or dine outside at the many locations along the waterfront.


Tudor Place Mansion and Garden

Tudor Place is a historic mansion and garden that now serves as museum in the heart of Georgetown. Explore the beautiful garden or the over 18,000 artifacts left to view inside the mansion doors. You can attend a special event hosted by Tudor Place or enjoy a self-guided tour through the property. If you’re looking for a more in-depth experience, professional tours are also available for sign up on their website.

Drinking a Compass Coffee Breeze at the Georgetown Waterfront

Embassies in Georgetown:

You can find several Embassies in Georgetown representing countries from all over the globe. One of our favorite embassies is the French Embassy, as they frequently hold unique events that are open to the general public – some free, some ticketed. Year round you can find a abundance of galas, auctions, exhibitions, and much more!

Compass Coffee at the Georgetown Waterfront

From indulging in retail therapy on Wisconsin Avenue to exploring Georgetown’s historic charm, the options are endless in this thriving neighborhood of DC. Stop by our Wisconsin Ave cafe, grab your favorite drink (and maybe a pastry or two) and experience one of these gems during your next visit to Georgetown!

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